5 Most Popular Ways to Style the White Cart

The white cart. Simple, classic, and elegant. This decoration is perfect for any occasion, age group, or season. Here at Party Bound, we’ve fallen in love with this quaint cart. Not sure why we’re so passionate about this piece? We’ve explained the top 5 ways you can style this versatile party prop!

Beverage Cart

Every party needs refreshments, right? Enhance your drink presentation by replacing a standard table with a beverage cart. Present your beverages in our Enamel Drink Dispensers, and if you’re feeling fancy, you can have chilled champagne in ice buckets too. Select quality glass vessels for your guests and garnish your cart with banners or trendy balloon decor.


Dessert Cart

Would anyone say “no” to a dessert cart? This cart is perfect for any age or event… as long as sweets are present. For a kid’s party, consider including a Cotton Candy Machine or a cupcake tower. If an adult audience is what you have in mind, add a chocolate fountain and decadent desserts. You can decorate your cart according to your event’s age group, but we’ll always recommend chic signage and a pop of color.


Candy Cart

So there’s a dessert cart… and then there’s a candy cart. Anyone else think this is a little kid’s dream? Display a rainbow assortment of candies in clean candy-shop glasses, and to emphasize your sweet cart, you can use colorful balloons and our Copper and Acrylic Sign. But let’s be honest… the kids won’t have too much trouble spotting a candy paradise!


Hot Cocoa Cart

We said that you can use white carts ANY time of the year, remember? Whether your winters are snowy or sunny, embrace them with a hot cocoa cart. You can keep your cocoa nice and toasty with the help of our Stainless Steel Urn. Channel cozy vibes by decorating your cart with festive winter garlands and get ready for some cocoa!



Donut Cart

Who can resist a good donut? We certainly can’t! Use our Candy and Dessert Cart to show off the best donut party offerings you have. And if you want to take it up a notch, make a donut wall to add some height and interest to your display. Complete your yummy presentation by adding banners, balloons, and lots of napkins–donuts can be a bit sticky, after all. 


The white cart. One of our favorite, most versatile pieces. Perfect for any occasion, age group, or time of year. Elevate your event with our white carts–which you can find in our extensive online inventory–and watch your party-throwing abilities grow by leaps and bounds!