How to Turn Your Backyard into Your Next Party Venue

Looking to throw the party of your dreams? Between decor, rentals, and the venue, that budget you have in mind may be a bit stretched. So, why not save money and hold your party right in your own backyard?!

It may seem impossible to execute your dream event in your yard. But, no matter how big or small, you can transform it into something gorgeous!

Here’s how:

Rent a Modern Bounce House

These are a HUGE hit at children’s parties, but can also be a unique addition to any adult party as well. Who says bounce house fun can only be for kids? Bounce houses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. At Party Bound, we offer Bounce Castles in classic white, blue, lavender, pastel yellow, and light pink. We also offer a mini classic white option! Not only are bounce houses interactive and fun… they draw the eye of your guests and transform your backyard into a party oasis!

Photography: @tanya.menoni


Choose a Glamping Theme

Ready to maximize your backyard space? Rent a Glamping Tents! These ball-style tents can bring comfort and luxury to the great outdoors, and can be decorated whichever way you choose. From backyard movie nights to boho picnics, glamping tents can be styled in so many creative ways. Party Bound offers 4 Meter, 5 Meter, and 6 Meter Tent options to fit any and all guests. And if you really want to elevate your backyard, rent multiples! 



Host Backyard Soiree

Looking for something more formal but relaxed? Hire a private chef and host a backyard dinner party for friends! Rent beautiful tables and chairs and hang some string lights to create an elegant outdoor soiree. At Party Bound, we love to pair farmhouse-style tables with modern chair options. Our Fruitwood and Whitewash Dining Table pair well with any chair of your choice, but we recommend our Ghost Dining Chairs, Bistro Chairs, or Sandglass Dining Chairs. Or drape intimate tables in light and airy linens and pair with our Bamboo Folding Chairs. Whether you’re poolside or surrounded by nature, gatherings at home always create a comfortable atmosphere.

Here at Party Bound, our ultimate goal is to make your dream party a reality. Not everyone has the same budget, guest count, or vision, and that’s why we’re here to help you! 

Create a space that leaves your guests talking. Your backyard is as good as any venue… you just have to know where to start!