Our Top 5 Chairs for Your Children’s Party

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating your little one’s birthday! And you can you make your child’s party theme look unique and amazing. Our number one way to do this is by elevating your theme with cute and modern chair rentals.

If you want your party design to be memorable, choosing the right chair is key. 

Here are our Top 5 Children’s Chairs to complete your favorite themes:

Children’s Rattan Bow-Back Chair

We can’t get enough of this one! Without a doubt, the Children’s Rattan Bow-Back Chair is going to be the center of attention at any event. Their uniqueness is unmatched, and they never fail to leave guests in awe. Modern, trendy rattan meets adorable in this tiny, but amazing chair. It is one of our most popular chairs for a reason, after all. 


Children’s White Wishbone Chair

A mini version of everyone’s favorite style, the Children’s White Wishbone Chair is a classic, sleek choice that will suit any theme. This design-forward choice pairs well with almost all themes. The possibilities are endless, which is why these are one of our absolute favorites… and our clients’ too!


Children’s Peacock Chair

Looking to add a bit of a natural touch to your little one’s party? Then the Children’s Peacock Chair is for you! This seating option is all things boho, romantic, and feminine, and their whimsical presence transforms any party. We love to see them used for garden parties, paired with greenery and florals, pastel patterns and pops of color!

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Children’s Lavender Metal Chair

Throw in some color and tie your theme together with our Children’s Lavender Metal Chair. These chairs are industrial and modern and comes in all the fun shades of color. When colorful party design is your goal, these chairs are the perfect choice. 

Children’s Mint Windsor Chair

Last, but most certainly not least, are the Children’s Mint Windsor Chairs! We adore these little wooden seats inspired by English design. With their adorable details and minty hue, they are quintessential to any tea party or garden party. Chairs are always functional, but when are they ever this beautiful?! These chairs do not blend in. They are meant to stand out in a crowd! 

There you have it! Five options to make your little one’s party one that they never forget. We hope this has helped you find the perfect little chairs for you; and if you aren’t the one planning, but you know someone who is, help them choose their perfect fit too!