Styling our Pink Phone Booth

We’ve recently acquired a fabulous pink phone booth and we’re so excited to see how our clients put it to use in the future. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in luck because our imaginations have been in overdrive with all of the possibilities. Here are 3 ways you can style our pink phone booth for your next event!

Pink Phone Booth

Leave a Polaroid camera in the booth to give your guests the perfect photo opportunity.

This option makes for a great photo opportunity! You could also consider a Polaroid guest book so that years later you can look back on the sweet messages alongside a photo of your guests. Setting up a Polaroid guest book is both affordable and easy to do. All you need is the camera and film, double sided tape, a guest book, and pens. Set all of this up in the pink phone booth and you have successfully created a guest book area and the perfect photo opportunity.

Pink Phone Booth

Display your wedding cake and other desserts.

You don’t have to use a table for your dessert bar. Feel free to switch it up and set up your wedding cake and other sweet treats at different heights with our cake plates. Keep in mind that if cakes aren’t your favorite dessert, you can switch that out for something more personal. We’ve seen everything from pies and doughnuts to ice cream and cookies. The day is all about you and your new spouse!

Pink Phone Booth

Create a private spot for guests to leave a message on your audio guest book.

Okay, this one is a favorite of ours because it’s a new way to relive all of your best moments from your special day with your favorite people. There’s something so special about someone’s voice and audio guest books allow you to hear those messages for all the years to come. We highly recommend our friends over at Modern Luxury Booth and Fete Fone.

In conclusion, our pink phone booth truly has endless opportunities for a variety of events. If you love the idea of the phone booth but maybe you need some guidance on how we could incorporate it seamlessly into your events, give us a call! Our creative team would love to help brainstorm a solution that works with your vision.

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