Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Party Decor

Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Party Decor

Color. We love it; how about you? However, sometimes it can be hard to know how – and how much – to add into your decor. Too many colors can clash and be overwhelming, but sticking to neutrals can be a bit boring. Adding color is a balancing act… so we’re here to give you our top four color-pop decorating tips! 

Blair Sofa

Who can say “no” to lounge seating? Using our Blair Sofa not only gives your guests more seating options, but provides a comfy pop of color that adds interest to your decor. Regardless of style or theme, this sofa’s warm, mellow hue channels relaxing vibes that can be strengthened by our accent pillows and throws. Cozy and colorful? Yes, please!  

Design @whitewoodevents
Photography: @tanya.menoni

Colorful Bounce House

Bounce houses never go out of style, especially if they are brightly colored and fun! Spice up your kid (or adult) party by incorporating one of our Bounce Castles. Available in various colors that will fit your theme, these castles are sure to make your event engaging and entertaining. And if you want to add more pops of color, adorn your bounce house with additional balloons. 

Yellow Crossback Chair

Add a hint of brightness to your decor with these lovely Yellow Crossback Chairs. Simple and classic, their thin lines and arched detailing call upon a refinement that makes them suitable for adult functions, as well as cheery kid’s parties.  Pair them up with a nice table and place settings, and your colorful dining set-up is ready to go! 

Colorful Coolers

Last but certainly not least, we have some cool and colorful coolers for you! Give your guests refreshment in style with our Patio Coolers. Available in multiple colors, these coolers transform a summer necessity into a sunny-day luxury. And if it’s SUPER hot out, try pairing these peppy coolers with our colorful and stylish Cabanas

We hope reading about our top four color-pop tips has inspired you as you plan your next party or event. To get more decorating inspo, check out our Party Bound inventory or reach out to us. We’d love to help you take your event to the NEXT LEVEL!